He Prunes

“I am the true vine and My Father is the vinedresser.
Every branch in me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” John 15:1-2

When my husband pruned the neighbors apple tree late last fall, I was more concerned about him than the tree. The tree now shows no evidence or scarring from what was done.

Father, I look forward to You pruning me and trust You to take away what isn’t healthy or helpful in my life right now, while concentrating and tightening what is working, keeping me close to the Vine. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Closer To The Root

As the apple tree is pruned
in late fall and early winter
so during my time of rest
You take away what hinders
then as the season comes again
in which to bear much fruit
I won’t miss what’s gone , but rejoice
in being closer to the Root.



  1. Deb, this is so good! I flower garden, and prune things. Sometimes I do a light pruning, and other times I do a much more drastic pruning. In the case of flowering shrubs, you often have to prune them very soon after they bloom. If you wait too long you might not get flowers the following season.

    I never thought about the different ways the Lord prunes his vine. It is true…sometimes He must do a drastic pruning.

    Thank you for sharing this.


  2. Whether the Lord uses a light or drastic pruning on us, it still hurts. (I’m sort of a sissy when it comes to pain…my own that is.)

  3. Thank you, Theresa, for adding such a wonderful, personal look at pruning. That really helps us to see the benefits more clearly! 🙂
    Drastic pruning . . .I know you’ve been there and it’s likely to be done again and again. Praying as we survive each time, we grow to embrace it more for what He is doing through it.
    God bless you and your flower garden!

  4. Larry . . .you crack me up. You are no sissy . . .just sensitive to those shears, that’s all. 😉 Me . . .I don’t always realize what’s being done, and for good reasons. Knowing that He does it, and He loves me, that it’s of Him . . .being more aware of that . . .will help me. I think. ha!
    God bless you as you bear more and more fruit!

  5. I know you were being more specific about being pruned during times of rest, but I just got to thinking. I got to tell you something that might make you laugh. Do you know what wild privet is?

    Well we have always been on a budget. We had no shrubs around our house’s foundation, and shrubs can be expensive. We found these little bits of growing in the yard, so I thought I would use them…big mistake. I have to prune them 2-3 times a year in order to keep them only 5-6 feet tall. LOL


  6. Whether it’s pruning shears or the Refiner’s fire, God has a natural way of helping us grow by removing what is dross.

    I really, really needed this reminder today, Debbie. Won’t go into why; let’s just say, the visit with Daughter Dear has been bumpier than I imagined. Not that I love her any less at all, but it’s been rough… She is my first and only “fruit I bore,” and she needs a bit of pruning. But then, don’t we all! Love, Amy

  7. You are so right! We all do . . .but when it’s someone we love that needs pruning, we kind of want to help! Well, at least I do. ha!
    Praying with you, Amy, for what needs to go, to go and for you two to stay close through it all. love you!

  8. Theresa . . .I checked out those “little shrubs”. 🙂 That is funny . . .in a way! You poor thing. Laughing some more thinking that maybe you wouldn’t mind me coming and trimming bushes for you, eh?
    love you and thanks for the laughs!

  9. Yes pruned trees don’t look very attractive… and things we were or did don’t matter any more… it’s all gone… and it’s what we are right now that matters… even if that’s just “waiting’ with patience for the right season to be more productive. Surely spring does come again. It’s not so much the doing as the being.
    Blessings Susan.

  10. Thank you so much, Susan, for your comments that lend more depth and meaning to my simple! 🙂 God bless you in season and out, in your being and your doing!

  11. Thank you, Deb

    Beautiful 🙂 Thank you!

    I never look forward to pruning season … I don’t like pruning and I don’t like being pruned but I know that both are necessary. His best for me will only come when I allow Him to bend and shape me according to His design. Painful sometimes – especially when He choses not to use my blueprint 😉

    God bless you, Dear Delightful Deb. I’m thankful that pruning is only for a season.


  12. I love how you put this, Ann full of Jesus grace! He wants to shape me and I want to shoot off all over the place. ( like Theresa’s bushes! 🙂 ) Thank you for helping us understand the concept behind His pruning better and to remember it’s only for a season. 🙂
    God bless you and use the gentlest of shears upon you.

  13. I have been pruned and I choose to bear fruit because the other option is more painful — to be taken away from Him.

    “…I was more concerned about him than the tree.” LOL! Thank you Deb for the fruitful thoughts 🙂

  14. Oh my ray of Son shine . . .once again you deliver such a powerful truth. 🙂 You could use your own quotes on your blog!
    God bless you and pour out His love on you today!

  15. Deb, I love your poem and how you pointed out that there can be a time of rest right after pruning, as with the apple trees pruned in fall, but that then as time passes the day of bearing fruit will come again. Peace, Linda

  16. I hope that is spiritually correct. ha! I just was working within that apple tree analogy . . .but there may be many different types of pruning and times of pruning. Like Theresa with her bushes that need done 2 and 3 times a year!
    God bless you and your times of bearing fruit for Him!

  17. I’m looking for a section of the bible that mentions the refiner’s fire and pruning of the trees. Can anyone assist?

  18. Hi Terry! Here are some verses that I found . . .let me know if you need them typed out in full, okay? God bless you in your search!
    Zechariah 13:9
    Malachi 3:1-18
    1 Peter 1:7
    John 15: 1-27
    Matthew 3:10-11
    Isaiah 48:10

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