God To Us

“All of you stand today before the Lord your God. . .that you may enter into covenant with the Lord your God, and into His oath, which the Lord your God makes with you today, that He may establish you today as a people for Himself, and that He may be God to you . . .” Deuteronomy 29:10,12,13

Here in Deuteronomy, Moses is doing his best to make sure the people understand who they are to God and who He is to them.

O Lord, may nothing ever keep me from letting You be God in every way to me. And here’s a simple poem . . .

His Wonders

enter in with Me
step forward
into all that can be
and let Me be
God to you
living out the wonders
only I can create
and do
through you.


  1. “That He may be God to us”

    Another phrase comes to my mind…”yielded and still”.

    We only have one God, but sometimes we treat Him in a way that denies who He really is. But if we will yield there is so much to be experienced!

    Thank you for the heartfelt poem and post. πŸ™‚


  2. “…step forward…”
    I am reminded of Jesus’ words, “Come to me…”
    Deb, in two words you have encapsulated so much of the Christian walk, as we must make an effort to seek the Lord…to step forward. God bless you for this awesome poem! Love, Bee

  3. Deb, I love this poem. Again, so much truth in so few words! I’m reading through Jeremiah right now, and by the time Jeremiah came around the Israelites had forgotten the truth of who they were to God and who God was to them. I pray we will not forget. Peace, Linda

  4. Hi Debbie,

    As we step forward and enter into Christ, we can consider how He willingly endured all sorts of sarcastic unbelief from the world, in spite of all the miracles they saw Him perform…. When the world sees us living in Christ, they won’t be any happier than they were with the Lord, Himself.

    And yet, He is our joy beyond telling.


  5. Thank YOU, dear woman of the word! You explained my heart better than I did. haha! I loved that, yielded and still. πŸ™‚ God bless you and all the ways you yield to Him today! love you!

  6. Bee, I love your heart that is so open to Him, to letting Him be God to you. God bless you as you step forward into all that He wants for you! love you, Bee!

  7. Thank you, Linda, for talking about how that can happen. I think it must start in the small things, those things that we think God is too big for or not interested in. God bless you and all you are in Him!

  8. I love that no matter what the world’s response, ours is still joy in Christ. πŸ™‚ God bless you, dear Margaret, and your heart and live yielded to Him. (now I’m hooked on that yielded idea . . .through our sweet Theresa!)

  9. >> “step forward into all that can be”

    These words sum up the way most of us live. We do not reach the POTENTIAL which God has planned for us. We need to step forward into ALL that can be – into ALL He wants us to BE and ALL He wants to achieve through us.

    I have been working on a blog on reaching our potential but it isn’t finished. Thanks for the reminder.


  10. God bless you as you keep us hungering and going for all God wants for us! You are amazing, Angela!

  11. Thank you, Deb

    “…let Me be
    God to you”

    Deb, I’m undone. Totally.

    “O Lord, may nothing ever keep me from letting You be God in every way to me.”
    Praying alongside you, Deb

    Your poem and prayer have me wondering about the things I have placed ahead of Him. What have I allowed to be god to me…?

    Somehow “All hail the Pow’r of Jesus name” pops into my head….

    @ Linda : ditto on the prayer!


  12. I love how songs just come to you! It is a gift and such a sweet way of ministering to us. Thank you! Somehow, Ann, I don’t imagine that you let much else be God to you. There is all that grace about you. πŸ™‚ But for me . . .there was just this tug on my heart, drawing me to tears, hearing Him say that. Am I afraid to let Him be God to me, totally? In anyway? Praying more into that and all that He might want to reveal to me about what it means for Him to be God to me.
    Love you, Ann, and God bless!

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