What Not To Lose

“Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart. . . ” Luke 18:1

Some prayers I’ve prayed for twenty-four years now.

Oh Lord, thank You for all the evidence I see of You each day that keeps my prayers coming and my heart thumping. And here’s a simple poem . . .


I awake with a prayer
and a praise on my lips
and as the day progresses
I just can’t seem to quit
for there’s a hope lit within
a faith covering what I see
and nothing can negate it
as I wait expectantly.


  1. hey Debs, needed this so bad…. thanks… u really encouraged me! Hope all is well with u…. hope u don’t mind me pointing out but u may want to change “loose” to “lose” in the Bible verse.love and blessings to u and urs always, Rita 🙂

  2. I don’t mind at all, you pointing that out! ha! I have trouble with that one, for some reason. Maybe ’cause I’m loosing a few brain cells. hahaha!
    God bless you and be the lifter of your head today! So good to hear from you . . .you are precious and much loved!

  3. Thanks Deb! 🙂

    Our heavenly Father truly knows what we need before we ask! Thanks for being His faithful instrument in bringing His word. I so needed to hear this today.

    Praying He’ll cover us with His full mantle even though a thread from His prayer shawl could do just as well. I will be wrapped in Him as I wait.

  4. Sorry, Deb

    I hit the ‘post button’ a little earlier than I wanted to 🙂

    Trusting He’ll answer our long-prayed prayers but of He chooses not to, trusting He’ll give us grace, peace and strength for the journey.


  5. Deb, There are prayers I’ve prayed for many years, too. Some I repeated just this morning. Thank you for the reminded to not lose heart as I await His answer because “nothing can negate it.” Peace, Linda

  6. Deb,
    This post is such an encouraging reminder that just as often as we are reminded of how real the Lord is we should then remember that the Lord hears our prayers. You helped me to see something new in that verse that I had never seen. I sometimes see the instructions the Lord gives us as merely more stuff to obey, so we can be living a life pleasing to Jesus. But you reminded me that much of what the Lord tells us to do…He tells us so we can be encouraged (not lose heart)…so we can have more peace, joy, and comfort throughout the day.

    I am so thankful that during this time when you have so much on your plate the Lord is still revealing these precious things about himself to you and helping you to find the time to share them. You are such a blessing! 🙂

  7. “…a faith covering what I see.”

    He strengthens me… and so do you.

    Thanks for being a warm and inspiring teacher every day. Hugs… 🙂

  8. I love what you said about being covered by Him! 🙂 During this time when some prayers remain unanswered, having Him cover and keep me is so precious. I couldn’t make it through a single day without Him doing this. You are right . . .whatever happens, whatever the answer is, it’s our job to pray and trust that He will cover that too!
    God bless you Ann-full-of-grace and cover you in beautiful ways today!

  9. God is so good. He helps us not lose heart by all His lovingkindnesses each day. Praying with you, dear Linda. God bless you and all the prayers you lift up to Him.

  10. You showed me something too, in your comment! I love what you and all our wonderful blog team finds in posts. haha! Praying increases our joy, peace and comfort . . .no wonder He asks us to pray always. He knows what it will do for us.
    You . . .you have a lot to handle. I am a wimp and do very little really. haha! But oh my yes, how I need Him to help me with these. 🙂 He is faithful and so good to me, always showing up right when I think I’m a goner. . . .helping me to not lose heart!
    God bless you and all that He reveals to you today!
    love you wonderful woman of the word!

  11. I’m not used to this “teacher” talk! ha! Thank you for the warm and inspiring comments. So thankful that you have Him strengthening you each day. Asking Him to hug you for me today! God bless you and keep you today!

  12. Just like a farmer prepares the soil for the seed,God prepares us for the answers to our prayers.Like the farmer,rain might come and wash away the soil, its the same God allows obstacles to happen,because he’s preparing us for what’s to come.Does this mean that the farmer should forget about planting? Do we as christians throw our hands in the air and quit? God knows what he’s doing and because his grace is sufficient and his timing is perfect as Deb said in her poem”I just can’t seem to quit,for there is hope lit within”.We have hope that however long the wait or whatever it takes,we’ll give him all the praise.

    Deb I wish I was close by to hug you.Thank you for blessing,ministering and re-assuring me.


  13. You are like an umbrella, Kenisha! A bright yellow one that covers us, providing shelter with your prayers as you walk with us, rain or shine, singing out His praises and word.
    God bless you and hug you for me tonight! You are so special, His hands and feet!

  14. All praises to the Most High.He leads and I try my very best to follow.I was led to your blog lastnight.My sister say that I was becoming deliquent,not visiting blog land as I should.But I always pray,because we all are family.I did hug myself,thank you. You had me in tears.

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