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Hi all! God bless you this day as you rejoice in Jesus. Thanks for stopping by for a look inside Israel. This is an older update from J of Jerusalem, a Jewish believer, back from December 4, 2010. Hoping it will still bless someone and help us all to keep praying! Now, here’s J . . .

Thank you for the many responses to my email. With great joy I share that after I visited Marin in the hospital this morning, she called and told me through tears that her husband Rudy had accepted The Lord! After that, he asked her not to leave his side. Although he is past 90 and she in her 70s, a marriage with only one partner walking with Him is ALWAYS rocky. She is now looking forward to the short time that they have left together to be one of unity and fellowship. He is to have electroshock to his heart tomorrow morning which they were told is their last medical hope. They ask for prayer. Thank you for praying for this special couple.

Since we KNOW that He hears and answers prayer, and our fires still rage, we know that He has something specific for us to hear. In my spirit I am cautioned NOT to jump to conclusions or grab at obvious scriptures, but to WAIT on Him and listen. While I am doing what is written (pray, humble myself, repent) I have been praying for ears and heart to HEAR what He is saying.

Currently (as we suspected might happen) there are many other fires breaking out around the country as those who hate us within sense that if they can start other raging fires…well, you understand. With vigilance, these have been put out quickly. Particularly around Jerusalem they have been set.

We have received foreign help, mostly in the form of planes and chemicals for fighting fires from a large number of countries. We heard today that Bulgaria was the first to send help, and also surprised us by sending top notch fire fighters and some of their experts. Bulgaria has been a great friend of Israel. America has promised chemicals, but they have yet to arrive. Russia has sent some very useful equipment and help. However, our ‘neighbors’ are using this vision of Israel asking for help to strengthen their own arms (see article below). I think of the books of Ezra and Nehemiah and how our weakness is perceived and gloated over. But (wouldn’t you know it!) one of the places that I was reading this morning was Isa 44 and 45…and even as The Lord chastens and calls us to Himself, He has NOT forsaken us and eventually we, as well as those who hate us, will see that He is GOD, and that He is well able to glorify Himself here, as He said!

A friend sent a link to a wonderful blog from here (so well written and with pictures too!) that I think might be a blessing to you, so I include it here

THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!! Lovingly, your sis in Yeshua


  1. Your story about Marin and Rudy has touched my heart and give me so much hope! My husband is 74 and he will be saved too, I just know it! Thanks for sharing that.

    Intersting that the national news night after night neglects to say anything about fires around Jerusalem. It’s easy to be misled in America, and I appreciate your candor. Thank you for writing, God bless you, and you’ll be in my prayers.

  2. Hi sweet Linda! I’m forwarding this on to J! She is so encouraged by the comments here! God bless you!
    p.s. this is an older communication from her, from back in Dec., so that is why it mentions fires that you aren’t hearing about on the news. Sorry for the confusion!

  3. Yesterday, my wife Jill and I celebrated the 95th birthday of Jill’s maternal grandmother who is still chipper in the Lord and a feisty supporter of Israel. When asked what she wanted for her 80th birthday, she swiftly said, “A trip to Israel”; and she chose Jilly to be her escort — all that to say that I’m going to send Grandma Lois some excerpts from the2spies blog you shared.

  4. Wow . . 95 years young? Amazing! And she uses a computer? More wow. And went to Israel at 80? I’m smiling great big. So glad there was something in this older communication from J that you could use! Sending this comment on to her . . .she will be tickled. 🙂 Thank you and God bless you all . . .GeoffJillyGrams!

  5. Deb,

    Thanks again for being the connection.

    I don’t understand it all ( I don’t need to either) but I can certainly pray!


  6. God bless you Ann-full-of-grace! You even pray with grace . .. so, so like you. 🙂 Sorry for making things messy here at times! ha! I wondered if I just shouldn’t post, since she hasn’t been able to e-mail a letter lately, but then Linda and Geoff found something in this, so I’m thankful. And so thankful for you too! Have a great Sunday with family, friends and Jesus!

  7. I like reading these Israel updates! Thank you, and so happy for Marin and Rudy!!!!

  8. Linda, prayers, now, for your husband!!!!

  9. Hi Angel A! I’m so happy that you like these. 🙂 I used to get them and wanted to share them with everyone I knew . . .but wasn’t always able to. This works out perfectly! ha!
    You know . . .I think that J said Rudy went on to be with the Lord. But what a miracle and testimony, to accept Jesus at 90 years old. I’m holding all those death bed conversions close to my heart, because I have many whom it may come down to that time before they do. 🙂 Late comers are welcomed just like the rest . . .I love that about Him!
    God bless you! Praying you had a good weekend surrounded by His love!

  10. Oh, Deb! Then how much more precious that Rudy made it!!!

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