They Forsook All

“And when they had done this, they caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking.” Luke 5:6
“And they came and filled both the boats, so that they began to sink.” Luke 5:7
“So when they brought their boats to land, they forsook all and followed Him.” Luke 5:11

How many boat loads of fish have I received and been thankful for, but then stayed with, turning to the next need . . .how do I get it to market?

Oh Lord, move me beyond praying that my needs be met to praying that my life be sunk deep with the Meeter of my needs. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Catch and Release

Hearts weigh heavy
with gratitude
for needs
that have been met,
only to release the gift
and follow the Giver
to be closer
and closer yet.


  1. Deb,

    There is so much here. It caused me to go to Luke 5 and read. There was so much in that passage. It was so full.

    I am so struck by both the poem and and these words:

    “Oh Lord, move me beyond praying that my needs be met to praying that my life be sunk deep with the Meeter of my needs.”

    I am so convicted and so thankful.


  2. O Deb!

    Now you gone and done it! 🙂

    `How many boat loads of fish have I received and been thankful for,…`
    There are days I`ve been more concerned about the ONE fish I`ve asked for that He hasn`t given even though there`s a whole boatload waiting for me 😦

    `…only to release the gift
    and follow the Giver`
    I`m getting there, Deb…. I`m getting there. Sometimes it is a hard thing to wait on God for what I`m certain He has in plan for me. His timing does not always work with my schedule but I have learnt that there`s far more satisfaction in Him than there can ever be in anything He has created.

    As a child I came to know Him through the song `Just as I am`… I brought all I had – which was nothing. No possessions, no defence … I had no sorrow or pain either. As I matured naturally and spiritually the song took on new meaning as I passed through different seasons. These days it means I come – with all I have. My hopes, my dreams, my desires, my joys, my sorrows, my all, my nothings.

    Today I come with your prayer `Oh Lord, move me beyond praying that my needs be met to praying that my life be sunk deep with the Meeter of my needs. ` and thank Him for speaking to you the way He did today.

    I dance before Him as I victoriously shout: Lamb of God, I come!!


  3. God bless you, dear woman-of-the-Word, that you would read Luke 5 and be filled with Him, His word. I love how you are so touched and led by Jesus. Yours is a life sunk deep in Him!

  4. Oh Ann-full-of-grace . . .I do that too, for that ONE fish when He’s given me the whole ocean of His love and care. He’s taken such good care of me. Time to just want Him, trust Him, want what He wants. Time to do the Ann dance! God bless you as you come time and time again to Jesus!

  5. Right or wrong, I am guilty of praying for needs when I have them, and gratitude when all is well. Actually, I pray with gratitude (almost) without ceasing. I love and appreciate our Lord so much that I can’t thank Him enough. : ) : )

    Lovely poem… thanks!

  6. Oh lovely Linda . . .please forgive me if I made it sound like there is something wrong with praying for our needs and being thankful. argh! We ARE suppose to do those things constantly, so not a thing for you to feel guilty or wrong about. You got it right and I’m so thankful for you, your faith, your witness and your love.
    I think God was addressing something in me, personally. Sorry if I didn’t come across too well. 😦
    God bless you and all your thanks to Him!

  7. “How do I get it to market?”

    That’s funny, but so true. I’m afraid that I might have been concerned about how I was going to replace the broken net, too. I have seen this in my own life just this week…how easy it is to not spend time in praise and thanksgiving when God brings us through something before we begin to focus on the next problem.

    Thanks for the reminder to not linger too long wondering how to get the fish packed and the net mended, but to keep following Him 🙂

  8. I’m so glad you could relate to this . . .so that I’m not the only one. You had me laughing at the broken nets . . .ya, that too! I’m so glad that He understands all of this in me and still loves me, even enough to change me. 🙂
    God bless you as you follow Him today!

  9. This might be the reason why some of those who were given so much financial blessings channel it to other ministries and foundations and continue to follow the Lord. Gaining without giving it back in return won’t satisfy because a good heart knows it won’t satisfy.

    Love the poem 🙂

  10. Being satisfied returns me to Linda’s poem! 🙂 I love how you saw that about when we are blessed financially, some develop ministries or give to existing ones. Beautiful! God bless you and how you follow hard after Him!

  11. I love the imagery in this, Deb. It’s fluid, which is just how love should be! So many times your poems are right on target and I sit in silence thinking, “How can she keep finding my heart?” Thank you for your words, for your testimony!

  12. I’m so thankful that this one worked for you! 🙂 God did that part, the finding your heart part. He’s so good at that! Because you write, you know how it is. We just show up, just come to Him. Sometimes I can capture those times in a poem, sometimes not so much. ha!
    God bless you and your writing, the way you glorify Jesus!

  13. Fwiw… I think of you often. When I’m making dinner I wonder what you’re doing… how it’s going. When I shop for groceries it gets complicated sometimes. I wonder if you’re doing the same. Whatever we’re both doing in a loving way and in His name, I pray for you. Wish we could meet for coffee…

  14. Linda . . .that so touches me, that you think of me like that. Thank you . . .it makes me cry. (And feel bad to make shopping even harder than it already is!) We’ve all become so connected, I do the same things. I don’t think any of us saw this coming either, this closeness in Jesus, though we’ve never met and are all spread out in so many different places and paths in life. One of those amazing God-things. Proof of us being one in the Spirit, one body. . .His! It makes me cry some more because He does this for us!

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