With What We Have

“Therefore every tree which does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” Luke 3:9
“So the people asked him, saying, “What shall we do then?” Luke 3:10

John the Baptist goes on to tell the people that if they have two tunics and someone has none, to give one away. Same goes with food. Tax collectors weren’t to collect more than they should. And soldiers weren’t to intimidate or falsely accuse, being content with their wages. (Luke 3:11-14)

Thank You, Lord, that in order to bear fruit, we don’t need to have more, be more or give more than what You have already given us. And here’s a simple poem . . .

What To Bear

Extra canned goods
clutter the pantry

unworn clothes
hang about

asking to be blessings
instead of burdens

I basket them up
and head on out.


  1. There’s always an extra to a heart that is extra kind. There’s enough with less to a heart that is satisfied.
    And the magic of it all is the more we give the more there is to give.

    Deb, are you aware that oftentimes the ‘trash’ of the West is a ‘treasure’ here in the East? You are all so blessed with so much and I hope everyone can see it by stopping by and saying Hi to the less fortunate.

    Thanks for sharing so much 🙂

  2. Hi Deb

    Thanks much for this one … We often have way more than we need but don’t often think about sharing.

    I remember an episode of The Waltons where someone mentioned that they don’t need a closet because a closet is just someplace to store things we don’t need. I have not stopped thinking about that since the day I heard it. We have so much “asking to be blessings instead of burdens…”

    Spring is coming and with it comes the tendency to ‘pack up and throw out’. Praying we’ll be careful to select for others what’s “good enough for us”.

    Princess Rea, your statement has so much to it. Thank you for the reminder today “You are all so blessed with so much and I hope everyone can see it by stopping by and saying Hi to the less fortunate.”


  3. I am . . .it humbles me and makes me so grateful for all I have. I don’t like to slip into thinking that I don’t have much . . .because I do. I just need reminded. Thank you for being that reminder today! God bless you and your great big heart! 🙂

  4. It is important to remember that. We really do have much. Great post.


  5. So thankful for you Ann, and that closet quote. Now that is going to stick with me too!
    God is working something in me at this time. I love to give. But often give more than I have to give. It is hard for me not to give as much as I want to. So, He is helping me to see that it is okay to give out of what I have. Even if that means a small gift by comparison to what others can give . . .or to what I have given in the past. It’s humbling, but humbling is good. 🙂
    God bless you as you “select for others what is good enough for yourself!”

  6. Thank you so much, for encouraging us and giving us the truth and comfort of His word and Spirit. That is one thing that we can always share with others . . .Jesus! 🙂 And I liked how John didn’t tell them to do more than they possibly could. It was all doable. There is a way for me to bear fruit in that regard today. . .to share of what I have with someone who needs it. God bless you!

  7. Deb, I love this poem! It is such a great “action” poem. I can visualize basketing up some good stuff that’s just more than I need and heading on out the Goodwill or somewhere else where they can be of use.

    For some reason, this made me think of the time about five years ago or so that our church was using the Sunday school collections to sponsor school children in Haiti. I had always asked my son each week if he was going to put some of his allowance in the offering, and he would take $1. But this one week, he knew that the time for the final Haiti collections was coming up, and he decided, on his own, to give the entire $26 he had saved up of his allowance. I told him he didn’t have to give it all, but he said he wanted to. I think he knew it wasn’t going to mean he would be deprived of anything important, but without it one fewer kid would get to go to school in Haiti. I never bugged him about what he would put in the offering plate again. Peace, Linda

  8. Yes, indeed, Deb! I am so blessed – I don’t need more, I need to give more! Thank you for bringing this to my heart!

  9. Deb,
    Just the giving of your time to allow God to use you to share this piece warms my heart.God has given you this gift and I know he’s blessing you as you have blessed me.

    God wants us to give to others.He say if we don’t help others in need,we don’t really love him.”But whosoever has this world’s goods and sees his brother in need,and shuts up his heart from him,how does the love of God abide in him?”(1john3:17). Whatever it is we can give let’s give,it dosen’t matter how much we have whether big or small the bible say he who has a generous eye will be blessed.

    Lord,reveal to me any area of my life where I should be giving to someone right now.Open my eyes to see need.Help me to be a good steward of the blessings you have given me by sharing what I have with others.show me whom you want me to extend my hand to at this time.Thank you that I don’t have to try to match up or compete with those that give more because I can only give what you have blessed me with and as you require.You’re an awesome God.


  10. I love that action that your son took! Children often show us Jesus so well and what He would do and want us to do!
    God bless you as you remain conscious of all He’s given you and in return, give.

  11. That’s exactly what He is wanting me to know, Eric! Thank you for putting it in a way that my heart felt too! I benefit so much from everyone’s comments. God bless you as you bring His heart to ours!

  12. I am so blessed when you comment, Kenisha. 🙂 I did not even think about giving my time doing this blog. Once again, my eyes are opened more by your and everyone’s comments.
    I was pondering what I could give as birthdays approach . . .wanting to have more in order to give more. But, your beautiful prayer is so His answer to me. I will give what I have, out of the abundance He has given. May I have eyes that see it the way He does, and may my pride not keep me from giving my best when I see it as less than enough. God bless you and your beautiful life lived for Him!

  13. Cannot comment with integrity because I admit I have too much. Fwiw… I thank God even for the needless extras, knowing they are luxuries no one deserves.

    Thanks for giving me something substantial to think about.

  14. For Kenisha…
    I’m blown away and humbled by your prayer. What beautiful words of wisdom.

  15. Oh lovely one, you just did comment with integrity. I love that you have some luxuries. That is no sin and nothing to be ashamed of. He knows your heart is His and your love is huge for Him, and you are giving your life for someone right now. What more can you give than that? You are thankful for the extras and I am so thankful for you! God bless you and the substantial way you live your life for Jesus!

  16. Debbie, when we moved here we were blessed with an opportunity to give away so much “stuff.” From clothes to pots and pans to heavy furniture… thank you for the reminder that, no matter what, there is always a chance to give in this world! Peace, Amy

  17. God bless you Amy! That is it . . . the “stuff”. Knowing someone out there could really use something that is just sitting here. It needs to go! And knowing that when I feel I don’t have anything good to give, I really do if I just look at things differently, with His eyes. Thank you for taking the time to come by and comment! That means so much!

  18. Let God be praised deb,my grandma use to say”lord,let my pride drift away as I can only give of what you bless me with today”. Linda its God speaking through me.My grandma use to always say ‘young body but old brain”.I am in my mid-twenties but I am so in love with God.

  19. As always such great comments!

    If we have a big heart, I believe he wants us to share it. If someone would only share their small heart, he would make it grow ten fold! Well, my own little words of wisdom LOL

    The poem reminds me of when I came home the other day and could not open the door, hubby had decided to go through his closet. Maybe because I said we did not have a closet big enough to hide in 🙂 So I have to box them up and take them tomorrow, thanks again for the reminders of how life correlates with scripture, and apply!

  20. Kenisha . . .that love of God sure shines in you! 🙂 And yes, I think He is addressing pride in me about giving. That pride can seep into even the good things!

  21. I love your words of wisdom . . .need those! 🙂 Smiling at hubby unloading the closet! Someone will be blessed! Like me from you coming here! God bless you E and your wonderful heart full of Him!

  22. As always your little poems make me think..and challenge me to look at how I am living my life..what do I really value, and what can I live without? How can I bless others with the abundance that has been given to me? Learning to live with less in my life as I get older, and value the things I do have. That reminds me of a quote I have always liked.. “One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few.
    Anne Morrow Lindbergh.”

  23. I love your thoughts and the quote Dawn! As everyone keeps helping me with this, commenting, and I keep praying, more keeps being revealed. Like what you said about doing with less. It’s one thing for me to give out of my abundance. What about sacrificial giving? God bless you and the life in Him you value.

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