Inside Israel – Encouragement to Pray

Hi and welcome to a peek inside Israel today. So glad you can be here. I have an older letter from J of Jerusalem, a believer in Jesus who made aliyah to Israel from the US some 16 years ago. J’s husband was recovering from being hit by a motorcycle when he suffered a heart attack. So while she asks for prayers for others and for Israel, please join me in praying for her and her family as well. Thank you so much! Your prayers are precious! Now here’s J . . .

Greetings from Jerusalem, with the love of The King of kings!

I was so blessed this morning by being freed up to go to the ifi prayer conference and join in for just one of the sessions, as well as to see some beloved prayer warriors from around the world. It is my day off and I was up early with my list of ‘must do today’ before me when I became aware of The Lord’s firm push that I should just go out to conference this morning. I was thrilled and ran, by faith, for a cab (the bus mess meant that it would have taken a full 2 hours by bus from my apartment to get across town).

There are 3 sessions daily, the morning one being the, perhaps most intense prayer session. This morning, Peter Tsukahira, a pastor from the Carmel region in the north, spoke and it was pin point right on. It stirred my spirit so deeply that I would like to share with you the gist of what he said. Lord, help me to share accurately.

Peter, who has lived with his family in Israel for more then 20 years, made his first trip to Egypt recently and vividly described the intensity of his experience. He and his wife were in Cairo, and reported that there is, literally, a mosque on EVERY corner…but not just that; they are full to overflowing on Friday (the moslem day of the worship of ala). Furthermore, the service is broadcasted by loudspeaker into the streets. He found that the taxi cab drivers that drove them around were listening to prayers or sermons or reading of the koran. The same was true everywhere they went. People were listening to prayers, sermons and the koran on the streets, as they worked, as they rested. They had opportunity to go into an area off the beaten path to buy coffee. In the small, poor, two room shop, coffee was being ground in the back room and the merchant sat at his desk in the front room. As he was watching television, Peter noted that he wasn’t watching sports, nor news, nor a soap opera…but prayers broadcast from Mecca.

Peter, who often preaches in western nations, noted the huge difference between the intensity with which the moslems were practicing their religion, compared with what he has seen in the west, where entertainment, material goods and complacency appear more and more pervasive. He challenged us with the thought that the world is being confronted by a SPIRITUAL challenge from militant islam…but the church is, by in large, defaulting. He suggested that when the church defaults to confront a spiritual battle clearly, the challenge goes to political leaders. When political leaders can find no solution…the next step is war. He then shocked me with a clear and sobering reality; that the church in the 1930s effectively defaulted from confronting nazism with a firm stand and message. Politics failed to find an answer to confront nazism effectively…and the result was WW2. IF THE CHURCH HAD A CHANCE TO RE-LIVE THE 1930, KNOWING WHAT IT KNOWS NOW… HOW WOULD THEY HAVE PRAYED AND SPOKEN OUT? This is quite a thought, particularly for those of us who are old enough to remember the stories of the millions killed in the horrors of ww2. With notable exceptions, (most of us were inspired through Reese Howells and other great men of God who understood the times and seasons…knew The Word of God and His Voice, and were also constrained by a great fear of God…who prayed through ww2 and saw way ahead that God intended to restore Israel as He said in His Word) the church was quiet and complacent.

We were asked to pray for the Church to awaken to the REAL threat of radical islam and for the Body to unmask replacement theology and understand, from the scriptures, God’s heart and purposes for Israel.

Perhaps you would like to pray along? There are now video ‘synopsis’ of the main message of the day from this conference being posted by Chuck Cohen. If you would like to follow along (these are NOT ‘videos of the conference’ as this is a PRAYER conference and the purposes of the videos are to encourage you to pray along with the prayer points being discerned and shared as broken bread), just go to the web site below and click on to videos. Each video is less then 10 minutes (so far) so it is not very time consuming. May we all be spurred on to effective, fervent prayer…standing in His righteousness alone. God bless you!

ani b’derek


  1. Hi Deb,
    What a desperately needed message that was on prayer. Peter was spot on about the muslims and their religious fervor. We as God’s children certainly lack that zeal because our is a religion of choice and we choose everything but God so easily. Thank you for this timely reminder to me and thank you for helping me get back on my knees to pray for the kingdom of God, my first and most important priority.
    In Christ,

  2. I find it beautiful the way the Islam is a life style that is not separated between church and state. Of course there is radicalism but we find that elsewhere also. And yes, prayer is a universal language.

  3. I love the points you make in your comment, Vineet. That it is a choice to pray. We must choose to. That we indeed still have the freedom to do so, but I often use that freedom to do something else. God bless you and your heart for Him and His Kingdom!

  4. Thank you so much, Tammy, for your beautiful comment. I desire that for myself, that my faith in Jesus would be a life style, and not just something that I do on the side . . .that there would be no separation. 🙂 God bless you and your prayers today! And your writing too!

  5. My goodness …

    This is deep, Deb. Thanks for being the link that connects us. I started to highlight a part of the post to comment on and then I found another section and then another… at the end of it all, I feel a ‘sackloth and ashes’ moment coming on.

    The call for prayer could not have been any clearer 😦 What say we?

    Blessings and thanks

  6. I just forwarded your comment to J! Yes, I feel that sackcloth and ashes moment too! How can we deny that He calls us to prayer? So true, Ann-full-of-grace. God bless you and the prayers you pray!

  7. This is a serious reminder that we need to pray. Rees Howells book is one of my all-time favorites for prayer, as is George Mueller’s book(s)-prayer and simple faith and trust in God. Samuel Morris’ life story is absolutely astounding in both these regards.

  8. It is serious . . .and I have been so blessed by your comment and the others who see that too. 🙂 I can’t do a lot of things, but pray? That I can do and must do. I love that you have read those books! I haven’t yet but need to! So many books, so little time!
    God bless you Angel and your heart for prayer and for Jesus! Thank you so much for being here. You are such a blessing!

  9. I think I would say that ‘it is very interesting how the counterfeit is so often made more appealing then the real…ie; the devil in the garden of eden…the great whore clothed in scarlet on the beast in revelation. I personally, believe that there IS no ‘separation of church and state’ but I wouldn’t say that ISLAM is the ‘ideal’ at all! It is just that PERHAPS ‘democracy’ as we know it is NOT… hum… interesting thought.

    ani b’derek

    I forwarded this on to J and this above is her thought on Tammy’s comment. 🙂 Thanks everyone for joining in here today! J appreciated all your thoughts, prayers and comments so much! Thank you for encouraging her today!

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