“These are those who were numbered by Moses and Eleazar the priest, who numbered the children of Israel in the plains of Moab by the Jordan across from Jerico.” Numbers 26:63
“But among these there was not a man of those who were numbered. . .in the wilderness of Sinai. So there was not left a man of them except Caleb. . .and Joshua.” Numbers 26:65

I feel I can relate to the generation that never made it out of the wilderness of Sinai.

O Lord, even if all my days be spent in the wilderness, I thank You for allowing me to live each one to the fullest with You. And here’s a simple poem . . .

With You

Life is a blur
of rough terrain

each clearing entered
grows over again

but there is beauty
in the wilderness too

each time I look
and always find You.


  1. “each clearing entered
    grows over again”

    I’m not 100% sure why that is so, but boy isn’t it. Whether true or not, I often console and encourage myself with the thought that the enemy works the hardest to discourage those who can do him the most harm.

  2. Thank you for understanding and for the encouraging thought! That is a good one to remember! And, that there will be a new clearing . . .and always, always Jesus! He makes the whole wilderness into a nice place. ha!

  3. Deb,

    I just emptied the stones from my pocket and this is what I find.

    He’s indeed everywhere and If I look I will find Him. I appreciate your sharing this today. I needed it.

    Thank you. I’m going to cry now.


  4. Hi Deb,

    This is my poem of the day! You’ve spoken so clearly the words our Lord and Savior would find as music to His ears. ‘O Lord, even if all my days be spent in the wilderness, I thank You for allowing me to live each one to the fullest with You’.

    That’s the voice of one, who has been transformed by their maker and who can gaze at His face for an eternity, not affected by time and space. I pray Lord that I have the same faith, zeal and yearning for you that I will also with my sister Deb be able to say the same thing.

    God bless you as you continue to use few words to create an explosion of worship in our minds!

    In Christ,

  5. Ann . . .I’m laughing, but not at you!!! Just the way you put that about emptying the stones from your pocket and then finding you’re still in the wilderness over here. Maybe we can throw some of those stones at the trees or desert dunes? (just kidding! 😉 )
    Holding you in prayer tonight, for His tender touch to comfort you and lead you on, in His time . . .as you are ready. You are precious and a mighty warrior for Him. Thank you and God bless you for being all that He has called you to be.

  6. Wow Vineet! I think it is you who have blessed me/us here, with your heart of worship and desire for Him. Thank you!!!
    I write about the wilderness and know in my mind that my situation isn’t “good” . . .but I just can’t convince my heart of that, when He keeps providing for me and showering me with love and His beauty and joy.
    So, am I crazy or what??? ha!
    God bless you and fill you with more and more of Jesus. (me too!)

  7. Deb, what a beautiful love letter!!! Thank you for reminding me that there is beauty in the wilderness…especially since I, too, may be in and out of it the rest of my life!

  8. Hi Angel of His! Let’s pitch our tents together, okay? We’ll make a campfire and sing worship songs to Him! 🙂 God bless you and all the beauty of Jesus that shines in your heart!

  9. Deb, I love this poem! Why does each clearing grow over again? Been wondering that lately – though not in so many words. I’m so glad He is there with me helping me create a clearing once again. Peace, Linda

  10. I don’t know Linda! You mean that happens to you too??? I’m sorry and glad, so that you can relate, all at the same time. ha!
    Maybe it happens so we don’t get too comfortable? I might just stay in that clearing in the middle of no where, and not keep going further on with Him. Just thinking out loud! Dangerous . . .ha!
    God bless you as He clears a way for you each day!

  11. Yes, let’s! It’s a deal! 🙂 I have no doubt that wherever you might be found in ‘the wilderness’ there would be sure to be joy and light and warmth!

  12. So much to ponder over this little poem…I like how you recognize that God is still with you in the wilderness. Some days I feel like those open places are growing back faster than I can exit them, but still clinging to Jesus for my source of strength and joy!

  13. Back to those clearings! ha! I think they are like pit stops . . .not meant to be permanent. It just took me quite awhile to realize it, standing there letting the fast growing briers get me, my mouth hanging open. You do so good clinging to Jesus and helping us to cling to Him too! God bless you and the journey you are on with Him.

  14. Hey Debs, really liked this line – “but there is beauty
    in the wilderness too…. each time I look and always find You”
    Reminds me of Isaiah 43:19
    Behold, I will do a new thing,Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness And rivers in the desert.

    Blessings and love, Rita

  15. I love that verse from Isaiah! Thank you so much for adding that here and blessing me! Just perfect. God bless you and your heart that beats for Him!
    p.s. by the way . . .God bless your responses and replies at your blog as well. Jesus just spills out of you. Beautiful.

  16. lol

    I found that after I emptied the pockets I found Him. ( I wrote it wrong, didn’t I? That’s what happens when we try to write through tears 🙂 )

    I’m trying to develop a habit of coming back to read the responses to blog comments. Sometimes days have passed and then I feel silly responding so later 🙂

    Seriously, I had to tell you again. This poem meant SO much to me!

    God bless you,

  17. Amazing Ann, full of grace… thank you for coming back again. It was I who re-read my comment and thought I shouldn’t have said I laughed. argh. You just have such a way of putting things, so humble and honest. It blesses me and makes me cry at the same time. I don’t think you wrote it wrong at all. Not the first time or the second time. Your pockets may be empty, but your heart is full of Jesus. And your altar is built . . .your sacrifice of praise given and accepted by your loving Lord.
    Wish I had your gift of knowing songs . . .I’d add one here. All I can think of right now is the song by Jars of Clay that sings, “God will lift up your head.” Praying that one today for you . . .and for us all. God bless you, Ann!

  18. Nah … it was funny 🙂

    I like the way you put this “Your pockets may be empty, but your heart is full of Jesus.” Thank you. To Him be all the glory 🙂

    You’re so kind! I’ve picked up quite a few of these from being in choirs. It always amazes me that there’s a song for pretty much anything I’m dealing with.

    Thanks for that beautiful song. I like it much 🙂

    “Give to the wind your fear
    Hope and be undismayed
    God hears your sighs and counts your tears
    God will lift up,
    God will lift up,
    lift up your head”

    Amazing love indeed .

    Thank you Deb. Something about the way you write makes me think of Sarah. God bless you as you share in your ‘gentle and quiet’ manner.


  19. Was it the laughing part that made you think of Sarah??? haha! love you!

  20. On February 1, 2011 at 10:27 pm Debbie said:
    “Was it the laughing part that made you think of Sarah??? haha! love you!”

    Touche!! 🙂 🙂

    You’re a quick one too 😉

    Thanks for the laugh!

  21. Glory be to God… I really had to ask Him for wisdom on those 🙂 …. But He freely gives to those who ask… Isn’t he the bestest? God bless your posts and your daily walk… Love you with the love of Jesus 😀

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