Covered and Carried

“And when Aaron and his sons have finished covering the sanctuary and all the furnishings of the sanctuary, when the camp is set to go, then the sons of Kohath shall come to carry them . . . ” Numbers 4:15

In this fourth chapter of Numbers, the Levites, divided into families, were given specific tasks of how to cover and carry the tabernacle of meeting.

Thank You, Lord, for covering and carrying . . . me. And here’s a simple poem . . .

But For You

Nothing about my life
should work
on any level
but You cover and carry me
as though I were
a most holy place.


  1. Though I don’t comment often, I am here often. Didn’t want to leave this time without at least letting you know I was here.

    Cool thought. You are doing the same thing I did when I started over. A little OT and a little NT. It’s a good mix.

  2. This is such a powerful little poem. This is the kind that would work so well in a daily poetic/biblical though book!

  3. This is so comforting… thanks Deb!

    His sacrifice makes our lives worthwhile. So thankful His blood covers all of me.


  4. Deb, We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and so we are a holy place because of Him! We are nothing on our own, but He takes the little we have to give and uses it for His glory. What a wonderful poem to remind us of what we are in Him. Peace, Linda

  5. Always appreciate your comments, Mike, when you do! I like going back and forth, and reading all the way through each book before starting the next. Praying for you and all He is doing in your life!

  6. Thank you, Jessie! Don’t have any plans for a book, but am thankful that He has given me a something to do! 🙂

  7. So thankful that He covers me too! Yay! And carries me each day. Thank you for your comforting comments, redeemed one!

  8. I too often forget that I am a temple. Rather mind boggling, but true, because of Him! 🙂 Thank you for letting His glory be reflected in your life for all to see!

  9. When are you going to write something that DOES NOT make me smile and lift my heart and bless me. I keep coming back and you keep doing this. What am I gonna do? We are lifted by God, as we lift him – beautiful Deb. God Bless.

  10. Sooo thankful for how He covers me and keeps me and carries me. It makes me cry. People ask what God is doing in my life, and this is what I tell them . . He is keeping me. I think they want to hear something else, but that’s because they don’t understand how huge this is . . .how beautiful. Thank you, Craig, for lifting Him and me too!

  11. This was a beautiful post!

  12. It’s very humbling and beautiful to be covered and carried by Him! 🙂 So glad you are too!

  13. Thankful that He keeps on carrying me Deb!
    There were so many times I felt like not wanting to move, times when I actually resisted Him pulling me out of the darkness. But He stayed with me and listen to my cries until I got so tired then He carried me and brought me to where I am now. He is amazing!

  14. Oh yes He is amazing! And really strong to be able to cover and carry all of us like He does! So thankful with you for Him!!!

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