Inside Israel – The Last Night of Chanuka

So glad that you’ve stopped by as we take another look inside Israel though the eyes of a dear friend living in Jerusalem. Here’s what J has to share with us today!

The sun has gone down and the lights of our Chanuka candles have gone out for the last time this year. The last day of Chanuka has begun, and soon the children will be back at school…except for many in the North. I was unable to write when our massive fires were finally extinguished, and a welcome rain sealed the effort of many. A surprising and heart warming number of nations sent planes and manpower. Israel finally rented the American ‘super plane’ for two days and that was a huge help, albeit expensive. But it was the loss of 42 lives that brought such grief into the midst Chanuka this year. It is a sobering reminder that He IS The Light of the world…a world that still reels with grief and death and the ravages of the wages of sin…and yet we are told…even COMMANDED…to give Him an offering of Thanks IN THE MIDST. In ALL things give thanks!

So winter rain finally came. It has been scant; a light rain, but we are thankful for ALL water that comes during this very long drought. All creation seems to look up with thanksgiving to The Giver of the life giving moisture, and we can only follow suit. There is promise of more rain ahead. It is all in His Hands, the One who sends rain on the just AND the unjust. Truly it is His mercy!

Even though Chanuka is basically celebrated as a children’s holiday, for believers it brings the joy of celebrating The Light of the world and meditating about the symbols…the multiplied oil and light…the ‘shamus’ or ‘servant candle’ that stands above the others and is the one that lights them all…and of the miracle that took place amidst the rubble of what seemed tragedy. Isn’t it wonderful how being a believer adds an endless dimension to … well… I was about to say ‘holidays’, but actually to EVERYTHING. He has been so very good to us!

Tomorrow is a week since my husband came home from hospital and he is making steady progress. It has been, of course, an adjustment for all of us. My husband is used to being a strong, ‘in charge’ man all of his life, and this has him struggling with depression, but I trust that The Lord is STILL working His good work toward an ‘end of the story’ that will bring Him glory. We are hoping that my husband can be able to go back to work sometime after Christmas. Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement! I have found that I have great peace as long as I only ‘cross a bridge when I come to it’ and don’t look too far ahead. He is faithful for NOW…and so He will be in all of our tomorrows as He has been in our yesterdays. What a TRIP!

That is what excites me about entering into the time of turning our eyes toward the birth of Yeshua, Jesus. How so many promises that seemed perhaps impossible WERE accomplished at His birth…through His life…and in His death and resurrection: what assurance that the prophecies yet remaining will be answered in like faithfulness!

And with the peace of THAT thought…I will go to bed.

May you all find His peace this month as you seek to do His will in the midst of such a special season. God BLESS you! Your sis

ani b’derek


  1. “The Giver of the life giving moisture”

    It is always good to see when people have this perspective and conviction.

  2. So glad that you appreciate her faith in the Giver of all! 🙂 God bless you and meet your needs this day!

  3. This was really lovely. I can feel the sentiment and peace of Chanukah in this post.

  4. Thank you so much, Tammy! I will pass on your comment to J. She tells me she’s too embarrassed to read her own contributions, but she needn’t be! 🙂

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