Looking To Accuse

“And they watched Him closely, whether He would heal him on the Sabbath, so that they might accuse Him.” Mark 3:2

How could the amazing truth that Jesus would restore this man’s withered hand completely escape their notice? How much do I miss when I get into critical mode?

Jesus, please stamp out any tendencies for me to be critical and judgmental so I can see You more. And here’s a simple poem . . .

Critical Constraints

When my eyes become narrowed
then soon it’s my mind
and my heart grows hardened,
my thoughts unkind
and it’s in this state
that I entirely miss
the wonder and healing
of being purely His.


  1. “How much do I miss when I get into critical mode?”

    There’s a good thought to think about . . . and not forget.

  2. ugh! I really, really don’t like to see that, even internally, from me. If it’s that ugly to me in myself, how must He feel about it? So thankful that He changes us and works on things like that!!! 🙂

  3. Those first two lines made me sit up and think. Good philosophy to ponder in this one so now I will go ponder (as I continue to avoid finding something to put up for Thursday poem Share!)

  4. These words are so true! When I do that it just makes me sour and stink like a dish rag that needs to be bleached.

    Thank you Deb for that great reminder!



  5. Deb, There is a big difference between constructive criticism or correction and just plain being critical! Avoiding the latter is so important. I love the way you put this idea into your poem. This is one we should read every morning to remind us to be more compassionate all throughout each day. Peace, Linda

  6. I’m laughing at you pondering instead of posting! ha! I’m heading over to share something even though it might be better if I didn’t! 🙂 Thanks Jessie!

  7. Oh I love that analogy! That’s fits me to a T! 🙂 Glad we can go to Jesus to get our clorox fix! God bless you!

  8. I thought about that Linda, and am so glad you brought it up. We do need constructive criticism and correction! That’s good for us. It that other stuff that creeps in that I don’t like to see in me. And wouldn’t you know, I post this today and then while cleaning someone’s house, found my thoughts getting critical – not of her, but someone else in my life. He always knows, doesn’t He, even when I don’t when I write these!

  9. Purely His … I like the sound of that.

    Is it that I’m pure because I’m His or Is it because I’m His that I am pure? That is the question. 😉 (Either way, I’m happy! )

    Wagon hopping moment…when we’re purely His then we cannot be mean to others because our thoughts will be directed by His love. “A word fitly spoken in season is like apples of gold in baskets of silver” Proverbs 25:11.

    The word may bring me a little pain but if it helps me correct my flaws than God will help me to welcome it with open arms! We don’t need to cut each other off at the knees but yes, constructive criticism is an absolute necessity. Judgemental? I think I’ll leave this one to Papa 🙂

    Blessings and much thanks,

  10. Love your comment Ann! 🙂 Yes . . . when we are in a right relationship with Him – submitted – it does indeed help us tremendously not to judge and be overly critical of others. He shows us constantly how to correct in love by how He handles us! Oh to go and do likewise! ha! Thank you for your pure heart that beats for Him!

  11. Here is my two cents here on the topic of the Sabbath/SIN, and Law… from old to New Testament…many things are straight forward and clear… period. SIN, LOVE, LAW, SALVATION, SALVATION method, DIVINITY, CLARITY of commands.

    Anyone who believes and uses Sunday resurrection as an excuse to NOT believe or follow the obvious SABBATH Command, not desire but COMMAND, has not really fully understood what three days on the belly of the earth means… simply that, 72 hours. Most Christians like to claim he died on Friday evening and resurrected early Sunday morning…. really?

    Then he would not have fulfilled or truly given the ONLY sign… the sign of Jonah…remember that verse? (Matthew 12:38-40)… he HAD TO be dead for 72 hours to fulfill the ONLY sign… mathematics comes to play now – Friday evening until Early Sunday morning, is not 3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the earth! So the logic is, either he died earlier in the week and resurrected very early the first day of the week (their understanding for days/nights were not midnight to midnight like modern times/calendar… darkness to darkness is one day…so our modern Saturday night was their introduction to Sunday – the day he resurrected…

    Anyhow, he either died earlier in the week (and not Friday night as most believe) and was dead for 72 literal hours and rose early Sunday morning (their Saturday evening at sunset) did not DIE on Friday as most of Christendom blindly believes or HE quite easily did not fulfill the ONLY true sign He said he would for the wicked generation… be in the earths belly for 3 days and 3 nights… that’s a pretty clear statement, I think!

    Some if not most use Sunday (even though most use few hours of Sunday and not the Sabbath command of sunset to sunset – a full 24 hour devoted time frame to building and nourishing a relationship with our God our bride groom) is just an excuse to blindly follow which has very historically (Gotta read more than the bible and books designed by your church to reinforce what they teach as their denominational doctrine) been proven to have been imposed/ coerced and contracted to be the new “Sabbath” for religio-political by Constantine after supposedly having a vision of the cross, etc… read up on it.

    Some additional notes: It was built/designed to be a matter of gaining more political control by gaining the attention of the pagans of the land (who were a huge group at the time) – draw them into the “Christian” system being built on false pretense and “foundational shaking” by a false peter who later termed himself to be the vicar of God… who today has a following of about a billion or more… hmm, what religion has a leader on top with a title of father/holy see, vicar of God or vicarius fili dei?

    Who do you know the whore known and taught in Revelation as what we know them without symbolism – The roman catholic church! They have idols, worship Mary, pray to saints, etc… the break every commandment, shortened the 4th commandment in their bible version and then fooled most of the world to believe through instilling illiteracy over centuries (The dark ages/Inquisition), that the Sabbath was changed and that God granted the Pope power to “change times and law (Daniel 7:25)… funny, how people read scripture on the surface and forget that the bible itself interprets itself…Sabbath is eternal… created at the garden of Eden… there were no Jews; not even sin yet… so, the Sabbath can not be deemed a “shadow of things to come” if “perfection” still existed and SIN had not entered in through ONE man (Adam), so no need for a redemption plan (Jesus to be incarnated), form of justification or salvation… God blessed and sanctified the 7th day (Blessed it and set it aside as holy before SIN even became recognized yet…Jesus did fulfill his earthly mission but is now our HIGH PRIEST in heaven, thus, the entire LAW (James 2) royal law is still in effect….Doesn’t anyone ever wonder.. if God is God and He is AALL POWERFUL… then HE could have quite easily created everything including humans in a micro second.. but He didn’t…according to Genesis… right? He CHOSE 7 days to do so…literal or symbolic (many debate on that too, but not this platform right now)…. He chose 7 days… wonder why? Because he wanted to bless a specific day for HIM and HIS highest creation to spend sufficient time in learning, growing, loving and nurturing the highest level of LOVE…. Plain & simple, GOD foresaw the SIN that would occur, and so HE chose to take 6 days to create just so he had an excuse to create another day, just to bless it, sanctify it and set it aside as HOLY… HOLY to HIM – HIS HOLY day; HIS day he chose to bless and sanctify… and set in stone as part of the other 9 commandments, which happened to be the only “commandments” ever placed INTO the ark of the COVENANT, which represented GODS throne… which means quite simply, from HIS throne flows LOVE/LAW/LOVE!

    The New Testament had no need to “mention or delve” into the SABBATH day specifically… everyone who believed they were followers of THE LAW followed it… PAUL followed it eh Sabbath as was HIS Custom. His custom as a converted JEW? He taught on the Sabbath and had every chance possible to tell his listeners that the SABBATH was abolished or changed or even modified…each time they discuss his sermons, it then follows with – and they (all gentile and Jew) came to hear HIM preach the following Sabbath… he could have said right there, “ I will see you guys tomorrow the new Sabbath…right? But he didn’t!… Right? (Acts 13:40-42)

    There fore there remains a Sabbath DAY for the people of God (Hebrews 4) is pretty clear… it is discussing the beginning time frame in which GOD instituted the SABBATH and “rested” from HIS work.. Then, he intelligently says to the listener/reader… there fore, there remains, must be something old, if it REMAINS…. A rest for the people of God…so that verse can not be interpreted as signifying JESUS being the rest (even though he is called the rest in different terms, not referential to the SABBATH rest)…so, the verse spoken clearly, written quite obviously for anyone who is not biased or looking to find problems with their own belief would easily see, that the 7th day Sabbath that was instituted in Genesis, was still followed and is still followed today… by the “remnant” of God…the small few who actually follow the entire 10, not 9 commandments… 10 commandments were placed into the ark of the covenant… not 9!

    I think my two cents is sufficient for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear what the spirit says!

    Peace & blessings to all truly seeking from the heart to follow God, believe in Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection… oh, and Jesus has not fully fulfilled HIS Job… until the day of HIS 2nd coming (not in secret rapture).. He is our HIGH PRIEST speaking to the father on our behalf…. Until then…pray, that the spirit of truth leads you and your hearts to Christ, not to church, not to religion, but to the simple truth of God and HIS commandments.


  12. Wow Marcus . . .what an amazing commenter you are! Thank you so much for adding this teaching here and leading us in prayer to Jesus. God bless you!

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