Broken Yokes

“I have broken the bands of your yoke and made you walk upright.” Leviticus 26:13

We don’t always realize how burdened we are until someone lightens our load.

Thank You, Jesus, for Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light. (Matthew 11:30) And here is a simple poem . . .

Weight Exchange

Caught up in my own world
was simply crushing me,
bound, gagged and forced to run
when I couldn’t even see

til You broke my bonds of sin
and set me walking free
to carry a heart full of praise,
keeping my steps light and easy.


  1. I was so surprised a minute ago when I came by to see what you had written. Yesterday I was really struggling trying to consider what options I had in a situation, and considered the New Testament passage about the easy yoke and the light burden. I seldom read out of the book of Leviticus, so the verse you used was new to me. The main difference was that whenever I would quote the NT verse I was thinking about the burden of “care” or the idea of having too much toiling. It is true though that sin is indeed a heavy burden.

    You have given me something new to think about and the timing is really something!

    “to carry a heart full of praise,
    keeping my steps light and easy.”

    Once again you have reminded me about praise…there really is something to that. Thank you so much Deb! It is 6:00 in the morning here and boy have I been fed! 🙂


  2. Deb – perfect again – and so right – you don’t even know you’re burdened with sin and it’s only when we do that we turn and ask for it to be removed – that’s deep theology – and getting all this stuff from Leviticus – you are my hero. 🙂

  3. Oh,Deb. Your post is surely a much needed piece to a puzzle for me! There is so much that I would like to say, but this is your blog, and I’m not sure if I could truly explain it anyways.

    On second thought I think I’m going to go post something. Thank you, Deb



  4. Ah, our Lord, the Yolk Breaker! It’s only through Him that we are able to carry on. I love that He enables us to lighten each others loads…

  5. That’s why the old testament is so important even now. Jesus Christ himself said that he came to fulfill not to change but to fulfill the scriptures. I hate it when I hear people say that the old scripture is nothing but a guideline now, it shows how little they know.God didn’t say oops I made a mistake let me fix this with my son. No he fixed it with his son because we made the mistake. Either way it don’t change that the 10 commandments or other old scriptures are not as important now.
    God bless.

  6. I am just now getting to the comments . . .and sweet friend(s) it is you who feed me, through Him. I hadn’t really thought deeply about this, about the difference between the burden of toil and the burden of sin. It just came out this way. So now, I’m thinking more deeply about it all, because of you! God bless you and thank you!

  7. I love when you come by and comment Kent. Your perspective is always of one saved from sin and grateful to his King. You strengthen me with your testimony and witness! Thank you!!!

  8. I’m not that smart or deep . . .truly! It’s Jesus that points out the verse and gives me something to add. I learn from everyone else as they comment afterward! And often He will take something that I wrote and apply it to my life in a way I didn’t see at the time I wrote. Thank you for encouraging me to keep before Him. 🙂 Where else could I go?

  9. I love that you are going to post something! That He inspired you. And you are always always welcome to add whatever you want here in the comments! You bless and add wonder and praise to Him when you do. 🙂 You have me excited today! Joy!

  10. Me too, Peggy. That has been especially on my heart lately, knowing women that do so much for their families and others and just really need a little help. Sometimes those close to them just don’t see it or do it or understand. So thankful for Him sending someone who will! God bless you Peggy and your family!

  11. Deb,

    I’m back again. I just wanted to read your post one more time, and then I noticed the title of the poem…”Weight Exchange”. I did not notice that before. I had remembered the title “Broken Yokes”. I put up two hymns that came to mind and a brief post about making exchanges. I just want to thank you again for the inspiration!


  12. […] Early this morning I read my friend Deb’s Blog and she had a devotion and poem titled “Weight Exchange” that was so touching that I was moved to post on the same subject. Both Part 1 and this part are the result of that.  Here is the link to her post: […]

  13. You are too much Theresa! and God . . .He is too much to move in you this way! Loving it! love you! deb

  14. Hi Deb,
    This offer that Jesus makes to us is certainly beyond anything this world can offer. He offers us a yoke which means we are to be under His charge but tells us that it will be easy and the weight light. I am reminded of the bullock carts in Indian villages that are stuffed sky high with produce and the poor cows struggle to pull it’s weight and this offer that the Lord makes to us is the opposite where He offers to give us rest and calls Himself a gentle and servant hearted master. Thank you for this timely reminder that I so needed to hear right now. My spirit is lifted already 🙂
    In Him,

  15. Thank you for giving us that visual from India! Yes, that is how we are, without Him, and even sometimes with Him when we forget to go to Him with everything. I love what you said . . .a servant hearted master. God bless you and yours and your heart for Him!

  16. “Caught up in my own world
    was simply crushing me,
    bound, gagged and forced to run
    when I couldn’t even see”

    Oh goodness … I can hardly speak (or type for that matter!)

    This is so deep. So very deep! Blinded by sin, I insisted on doing my own thing. So thankful for salvation and for His love that breaks every fetter. I’ll take His yoke over mine any day!


  17. Oh me too, Ann! The difference is as night to day! God bless you and your willingness to serve Him!

  18. If it’s praise for Him that I shall be carrying
    I will be travelling in life light.
    You’ve blessed me again today Deb!

  19. Praise lifts up our hearts too, doesn’t it, along with lifting Him! 🙂 and you, you make me lighter too! I thought of you today when I saw a bumper sticker. It said, “A person’s a person no matter how small.” love you!

  20. Thank you Deb for the good thought!
    Thank God you see me as a person
    not as an alien! lol.
    It may be Dr. Seuss’ quote
    but God has long been valuing all of us!
    Have a great day Deb!

  21. The line that says, “bound, gagged, and forced to run, when I couldn’t even see” reminds me how awful it was to live a life of sin and blindly embrace it. I finally did break under the load. Thank God, he broke me.

    So happy I found your blog today! 😀

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