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Welcome to another Sunday of Inside Israel! Today we have another older e-mail from J of Jerusalem, describing a wonderful evening she had meeting with other believers and the Lord. Hope you enjoy it and have your own similar meetings today!

So…last night our fellowship gathered for a Shabat dinner together before the new year. It was WONDERFUL, on so many levels, and I wished that each of you could have been there, so I would like to share it with you.

Our fellowship has been through many changes. They have been difficult and painful, but they have been the beginning of answers to much prayer that we would become whom He wants to make us. They have borne peaceable fruit. One family in our congregation lives on a believing moshav (rural) where there is a very large Bedouin tent. We met there last night and shared our meal, worship and testimonies. But there was a difference this time and I am still filled with thanksgiving. Usually at a joint meal, there is a fair share of pastas, deserts, rice and beans, things that are fine and filling, but less expensive and easier to prepare (which is reasonable). This time, however, as if a holy offering, EVERY dish was special! The tables were laden with food fit for a King…and indeed, there was the feeling that it had all been prepared unto Him…first offered to Him and then given in love to one another. The expression of love one for another overflowed and along with the cool breeze and the spectacular sunset, our voices rose in praise and worship in a new way. As I looked around, there was a deeper ‘quietness’ and ‘rest’ on each face…quiet and rest emanating from The One Who calls us to Himself. The testimonies shared enabled us to know those who were sharing through His eyes, and such a love arose toward them. We have 3 new babies in our fellowship now and a slew of children and young adults, but there is no separation… everyone is finally blending into a real family. Yes, I am very thankful for our fellowship, and indeed, for EVERY fellowship that walks HARD AFTER GOD ALONE. It seems to me that we live in a time where we must contend for the Word and for Faith in a different way. Humility, REAL humility, and prayer…REAL prayer, seem more difficult to come by perhaps? Oh, there is a lot of noise and activity…but…hum…Is it YOU, Lord? I look over the MANY places in scripture where we are warned against deception. He tells us we are deceived when our love grows cold, when we do not receive a love of The Truth, when we grieve the Holy Spirit, when we sin, when we walk in pride, when sin around us causes the love of many to wax cold (even in the churches perhaps?), unforgiveness, bitterness, covetousness, …and that there will be a famine for The Word of God, Oh. He has warned us well…over and over.

When I first had the scales removed from my eyes and saw His Light shine out of darkness, I cried out to Him to give me discernment! I have not stopped this prayer. I KNOW my stupidity and my impulsiveness and how easily I could follow after a wrong spirit! I saw the women in Acts 16 who followed after Paul saying ‘…this is the prophet of The Most High God. Hear him!’ Well…what was wrong with THAT??? She was right…he was indeed a prophet of The Most High God, but…even though her words were right…they proceeded from a wrong spirit! NOT The Holy Spirit but a spirit of divination… an impersonating spirit…one who deceives. Hers was the love of a prostitute! I saw that potential deep within myself (for in my darkness it was in those places I had walked!) and begged Him for mercy that I would not be led astray. Oh He is faithful and my prayer continues the same! It is not at all out of fear…but out of fear of God! And if I ever think ‘I know Him. I don’t need His mercy to be able to follow’, I can always remember Miriam (Mary) at the tomb speaking to Him thinking it was the gardener, ‘They have taken my Lord and I don’t know where they have laid Him’…or the disciples in the boat when He walked on the water toward them and they cried out thinking they saw a spirit. These all KNEW Him, and loved Him…but a day came when they didn’t recognize Him. Oh, I know we live in such a day as that! May He keep each of us…

I totally did NOT expect to write this, and perhaps it is only for myself. Please receive it with grace if you think ‘What in the WORLD is she talking about! I KNOW this!’ I am just fresh in from being washed in the waters of His Presence and it is very humbling to remember how GREAT, how very GREAT HE IS! May we all, as one heart, worship HIM alone. God bless you!


  1. This is packed full of goodness…
    I don’t want my love to grow cold!!!! My prayer is constantly for God to remove the scales off my eyes and to keep my heart un-calloused.

  2. Your heart is so sensitive to Him, Manda. Praying with you too, to not grow cold and calloused. You are a blessing!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Deb.

    I will humbly receive. I do believe this was meant to be shared.

    Something about this leaves a warm and fuzzy feeling… I like the way you put the meal sharing. Next time I gather for a meal I will remember to ‘first offer it to Him and then in love to each other’

    He is indeed great. May I remain under the shadow of His mercies always. I want to live in constant readiness of His return.


  4. Dear Ann . . .just wanted to make sure that you knew that I, deb, didn’t write this. Sorry for the confusion! On these Inside Israel’s, I post e-mails from a friend in Jerusalem. I leave her identity as “J” for her protection. She is a Jewish believer in Jesus, in Israel, but from the states. She has such a beautiful way of sharing about Him and is in such a unique place for Him that I felt compelled to share things from her when I can! Thank you for receiving her, in Jesus name! 🙂

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