Astonishingly Offended

“He taught them in their synagogue so that they were astonished and said, ‘Where did this Man get this wisdom and these mighty works?'”  Matthew 13:54
“So they were offended at Him.”  Matthew 13:57

The people in Jesus’ home town were both astonished and offended.  They expected Him to be less than He was.

Jesus, please be all You want to be in our lives today.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Just Because

With You there is more wisdom
than this world will ever know

because I don’t understand it all
doesn’t mean that it’s not so

and when I’m confused
over something that You’ve said

I’ll simply wait for You to explain it
instead of growing offended.


  1. That thought and poem was timely. I was struggling this morning with the fact that the truth is received more readily from strangers than with people in the local community.

    I also at can find myself accepting some of the Lord’s words more easily than others. They are all absolutely true, but I would be dishonest if I denied that my heart rejoices in some truth more quickly than in other truth. That’s a really good poem.

  2. Yes, I too find some truth easier to swallow! But it doesn’t make it less true, does it? And sometimes I can be offended by what He wants to be in me, wants me to be . . .a servant. love you!

  3. Funny how I came over here, and I have been also struggling with his wanting me to be a servant. I act strong, but in fact I get my feelings hurt when things do not go my way- especially when it comes to my performance poetry lately. He has reminded me once again I am to show in my actions of being humble, and accepting the journey ahead, no matter. My walk with God is important, and silly poetry is only a gift.

    Sorry, I was just reminding myself through sharing 🙂

    Thanks for coming over Debbie! I have been enjoying your poetry over at Jessie, and need to remember to come over here, since you have more beautiful poetry.

    Chef E

  4. i’m guilty at times
    of optional truth
    where i agree enthusiastically
    for things that make me happy
    but my heart sometimes ache
    when the Word seems to ‘favor’ those who hurt me.
    but since i know God’s Word is the truth
    i just wait for peace to come in
    and brought me to my old self again
    who knows God loves all being.

  5. I so know what you mean and must remember with you, that He loves all, even those who hurt us. This is hard, but with Him, there is a way in it. And know this . . .He does not love the hurt you go through. It hurts Him too.

  6. You can share here anytime you want, Chef E. But, you can’t be everywhere, so us meeting up at Jessie’s is great too! 🙂
    I need many lessons on humility to stay a servant . . .the non-pouty kind.
    Thanks so much for coming by!

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