“And Jesus, seeing their faith, said to the paralytic, “Son, be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven you.”  Matthew 9:2

If I had been that paralytic, I wonder how I would’ve responded.

Lord, help me see my sins as a paralyzing condition that I need healing of, above all else.  Here’s a simple poem . . .

Healing Me

I think I know what I need
when I really haven’t a clue

because it takes a lot less of me
and a whole lot more of You

to understand Your forgiveness
is a holy healing touch

that creates a wellness in me
no matter what else I’ve got.


  1. Hi Debbie. This is such a neat way to make a devotion (or prayer) truly your own.

  2. Hi Helen! 🙂 I have to stop myself if I am going through, reading like it all applies to someone else, not me. ! Have a great weekend . . and keeping making those powerful poems in that way only you can.

  3. Deb,
    great post, we do think we know what we need, but we don’t. We tend to think of needs as physical, yet he considers the spiritual. Thanks for the reminder. God Bless

  4. Well, I’m here to reply after reading over at Mandy Thompson’s blog . . .and don’t know what to say. We need healing so much, all of us. God bless you!

  5. “to understand Your forgiveness
    is a holy healing touch”

    That is so deep.

    You know someone very dear to me has often said that I can understand that I am forgiven with my head, but I fail to understand that with my heart, especially during those times when I am not drawing near often enough to have a quiet time with the Lord. The times that I am completely able to comprehend with my heart, I believe, are the result of a “healing touch” from Jesus just like you said in your poem.

    Oh, Deb, what a powerful, healing witness I felt in that poem. Thank you so much!


    You know, it is interesting that we might as well be paralyzed where our sins are concerned, because the Lord is the only one who can cleanse us, but it is also paralyzing when the accuser of the brethren tries to condemn us and trick us into thinking that Jesus has not forgiven us, will not forgive us, that we haven’t been cleansed when we have.

  6. Thank you, Theresa, for such a heartfelt comment! I think sometimes He just does something through what we write (remember, I’m simple poems, simple faith!)for certain people or for one person. I’m so glad that person was you today! 🙂 And yes, I can see being paralyzed by our sins because the enemy tricks us into believing we are unable to be redeemed.
    I had slipped and forgotten about how wonderful, how healing forgiveness is. His forgiveness and our own for each other. I forget so much, but He is so faithful to keep bringing it back to me, if I will just keep before Him.
    This last week I was forgiven by a therapy horse that my daughter rides. 🙂 Sounds silly, I know! The things He uses to teach me! ha! I had accidentally given Brat a static shock to his nose last winter. After that, he wouldn’t let me anywhere near his nose or head. I felt sooo bad. Months went by as spring turned into summer, and she began to ride on the other horses instead of just Brat, rotating through them all. Still, he remembered. sigh. Then last Tuesday, he forgave me! I was able to pet his nose and face and give him kisses even. ha! She had such a great time riding him, and I . . .I had a marvelous time running beside them, feeling free and full of joy . .. forgiven.

  7. you have just blessed me with this!
    yes His forgiveness
    i wouldn’t dare miss
    for i want to be considered His.

  8. Now I’ve been blessed by your comment. So precious, you are, to Him and to me! 🙂 love you!

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