“Therefore you shall be perfect just as your Father in heaven is perfect.”  Matthew 5:48

This verse comes at the end of Chapter 5 in which Jesus has delivered some hard truths.  I see the word “perfect” and further wilt.

Thank You, Jesus, that You don’t say I HAVE to be perfect.  You say I shall be.  I’ll simple trust Your word on that.  Here’s a simple poem . . .

If You Say So

I look in the mirror
nothing perfect there
not in my speech and actions
which could lead me to despair
until I look at You, Lord
the perfect Holy One
Who says I, too, shall be perfect
before it’s all said and done.


  1. Deb, I had never read that verse this way, but it makes so much sense! This post brought tears to my eyes and was such a blessing to me today. Love you! 🙂 Peace, Linda

  2. That is so uplifting. It’s a nice reminder, and a lovely relief ❤

  3. So glad that He blessed you through this. I am intimidated going through Matthew. Who am I to give comments about Jesus’ words? So much has already been written and spoke and taught. . .Will just keep with Him, seeking what He wants me to write. 🙂 Thank you so much for your encouragement to keep at this!

  4. God bless you and love on you today! 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to comment here!

  5. Deb,
    I’m with you on this Sis, it is one of those “I cannot fathom it” scriptures. He will make us perfect though through Jesus blood. It is funny, I have read through Matt a lot, our mens bible study group just worked that chapter over yet we didn’t focus on that scripture. Yet it is sooooo important. Thanks for pointing it out. God Bless

  6. imperfect me
    shall be perfect too?
    that’s too much grace
    i’m speechless

  7. So glad that we don’t have to do it on our own! phew! There is so much in Matthew . . .well, in every book of the Bible. I guess that way we can read through it all, all of our lives, and still keep finding what He wants us to focus on each day. 🙂 God bless you! Thanks for commenting today!

  8. Yes, sweet one! you’re nearly there already. 😉 love you!

  9. “Who am I to give comments about Jesus’ words? ”

    Nobody down here is perfect, so why not you.
    You do a very good job!
    I am encouraged by each visit here.

  10. You’ve made my day! Thanks opoetoo! When I get a little overwhelmed with His word and what to write, He reminds me about encouraging others from it. That more than anything else is what He asks me to do. So I’m encouraged that it encourages you! 🙂

  11. I am sneaking up behind you as you are gazing in the mirror, hoping to steal a peek at your face in the mirror, but all I see is the same Jesus that is reflected in all of the kindness you have shown to others out here in the land of blogs.

    A great post and poem on one of my favorite Bible passages!

  12. Aaahhh . . .now I’m going to cry. And if I saw you sneaking up behind me, it would be Jesus’ reflection peering over my shoulder! 🙂
    Praying for His peace and love to surround you today!

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