Fruits of Repentance

“Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance. . .”  Matthew 3:8

John was talking to the Pharisees, but I hear him talking to me as well.  I can say I’m sorry and confess my sins.  But when I repent, I turn away from what I’m doing and face Jesus.  The results of that act will always show up.

Jesus, please help me keep turning to You and away from sin. Here’s a simple poem . . .

Taking Sorry One Step Further

I can say I’m sorry
– and even really mean it
but it won’t make much difference
– in my life or theirs
but if I repent
– and turn to face You, Jesus
everything changes
– when I see You standing there.


  1. Wow Deb. You really confirmed the word in my life. Also wanted to add that repentance is an everyday affair where we go to God every day and ask Him to reveal to us where we have gone wrong, to seek His acceptance in all we do. Thanks for being obedient to His voice. loads of love, Rita

  2. Deb, Awesome poem. I love the title, “Taking Sorry One Step Further.” Sorry just isn’t enough if we just keep doing the same thing. But if we turn and look at Jesus and ask Him to help us change, He is faithful. Peace, Linda

  3. Thank you for adding that, Rita . . .to repent everyday. We always need to turn to Him. (Note to self – do it now!) love you!

  4. Thank you for your faithfulness too, Linda, to encourage us and keep pointing us to Jesus! 🙂

  5. sorry given
    i may not be forgiven.
    to God repent instead
    apology accepted.
    is that so at all times?

  6. God always forgives when we ask Him. 🙂 And He asks us to always forgive too! So sorry is good, apologies are accepted and necessary, but real change, for me, comes from turning way away from what I had to say sorry for. love you Rea …ray of sunshine!

  7. That is so true and it is something that I have had to learn. There is such a vast difference between apoligizing and repenting. Thank you so much for this thought!

  8. I’m still learning . . .and still needing to repent! God bless you, Ben!

  9. It is so easy for us to forget that repentance is both a turning away from one thing and a turning toward something else. So often we want to turn toward Jesus, but we do not want to turn away from our sins. “Apologizing” might allow us to do so, but “repentance” does not.

    You have wonderfully captured this in your post 🙂 God bless you! Loren

  10. I love how you explained that Loren! 🙂 Thank you so much!

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