Getting God Results

“. . .just as the Lord had spoken to Moses.”  Exodus 9:12

The section in Exodus about the plague of boils is brief.  God instructs Moses to take handfuls of ashes from a furnace and toss them out to the heavens before Pharaoh.  Moses obeyed.  And boils broke out on the Egyptians and their beasts.

Thank You, Lord, for showing me of an area that I have not been completely obedient in.  The results won’t be the same as when I am.  Please forgive me and help me follow through on all You say to do.  And here’s a simple poem . . .

Following Directions

As the Lord spoke
so Moses did
word for word
step by step,
with the results
the same as before –
Pharaoh’s heart hardened
so God could do more.


  1. this is a very powerful post.
    I’m touched and i am not religious

  2. I’m so glad that it said something to you! 🙂 And I will have to give a try to writing to the song you posted! Take care and thanks for commenting! Blessings!

  3. “And Moses did so: as the LORD commanded him, so did he.” (Numbers 17:11)

    It is striking how many times this phrase (or one similar to it) appears in the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Moses might not have been the most eloquent speaker, he may not have been the most able leader; but he OBEYED God and thus God was able to mightily use him.

    “Thank You, Lord, for showing me of an area that I have not been completely obedient in. The results won’t be the same as when I am.”

    I like the way you put that. The only remarkable exception when Moses did not obey God completely was when he twice smote the rock at Meribah in Kadesh (Num. 20:11). Doing so kept him from entering the Land of Promise (Num. 20:12, Deut. 32:51), so things were different than they would have been had he not disobeyed at this point.

    We should always bear in mind that disobeying God costs us; thank you for reminding us.

    Your Friend In Christ,


  4. Loren! I love it when you comment! ha! Your comments are like a whole new post! 🙂 And also encouraging to me, as I keep discovering personal things through these simple devotions. Thank you so much! deb

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